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"Recession-Proof Your Job"
Appearing on Today Show - NBC News
Are you worried about being laid off and losing your paycheck? CNBC’s Sharon Epperson and workplace expert Ronna Lichtenberg tell 10 ways you can protect your career and income.
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Top-level executives get coaching all the time. They know that coaching is for winners and that getting great advice and feedback is essential to success. Big Companies pay big dollars for quality coaching. We've taken the same high-quality service big businesses buy through Virtual Coachingsm service, and made it available to you.

We help you get ready for those important times in your business life when you needto be an "all-star pitcher."

What are some of those times?

  • When you are being interviewed for a new job
  • When you are going after a new business
  • When you are asking for money--for yourself or your business
  • When you need to rally a team behind you
  • When you want another chance
  • When you think you should be viewed differently
  • When you have a new boss
  • When you are a new boss
  • When you think "people like me" aren't as likely to get where you want to go

In today's globally competitive environment, shouldn't you give yourself every advantage you can? Invest in yourself. Put a "Your Winning Pitch" coach in your corner today.

"It’s like being on American Idol, receiving Simon’s advice, without the snark!!"